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All about
Better Outdoors

All about
Better Outdoors

We have been chosen by Way of Life to be their Leicester based Community Initiative partner which allows residents to support grassroots community projects by donating to our project as well as connecting with us directly, participating in events or donating their time and skills as a volunteer.  

This film is the result of a day they spent with us filming our activities and having a chat about what we do. 

Quick Overview

When did you last stop and take a moment just to gather your thoughts or just pause for a while to feel present in the world? For friends and Better Outdoors co-founders, Karen Shephard and Becca Hargrave, mindful moments are essential to our personal and collective wellbeing, especially if you can cultivate these moments away from the stress of city life.
“We make a difference one-by-one, a person at a time, and to those people that difference means a lot. You don’t have to rush into something and try and do huge things overnight. Little differences are still big differences to someone.”
"Whoever you are and whatever you’re doing, there’s a huge value to leaving the stresses of modern life behind for a few hours. It allows you to relax, clear your head and reset; perhaps because you’re working on a craft and you get into a flow state with your hands. Being out here encourages connection, creativity – a whole mixture of healthy things. It’ll do you good, without you even noticing."
Reconnect with Nature